Hematuria Foley Catheters

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Used for Post-TURP hemostasis. The shaft of the catheter is reinforced with a wound nylon coil that offers significant resistance to collapse under the vacuum of irrigation. The additional strength of the coils assures users that any blockage can be cleared by irrigation. In addition, the coils add resistance to any collapse under the balloon from the pressure of inflation.

Features and Specifications

Item NumberSize (Fr.)TipDrainage EyePkgNatural Latex?
2-way 30cc Hematuria BARDEX® LUBRICATH® Latex Foley Catheter
2550H2020Long RoundTwo Sets of Opposing5/caseYes
2550H2222Long RoundTwo Sets of Opposing5/caseYes
2550H2424Long RoundTwo Sets of Opposing5/caseYes
2-way 30cc Coude Tip Hematuria BARDEX® LUBRICATH®® Latex Foley Catheter
2556H2020Long Open CoudeTwo Staggered 5/caseYes
2556H2222Long Open CoudeTwo Staggered 5/caseYes
2556H2424Long Open CoudeTwo Staggered 5/caseYes
3-way 30cc Hematuria BARDEX® LUBRICATH® Latex Foley Catheter
2551H2020Long RoundTwo Sets of Opposing5/caseYes
2551H2222Long RoundTwo Sets of Opposing5/caseYes
2551H2424Long RoundTwo Sets of Opposing5/caseYes
3-way 30cc Coude Tip BARDEX® LUBRICATH® Hematuria Latex Foley Catheter
2557H2020Long Open CoudeTwo Staggered5/caseYes
2557H2222Long Open CoudeTwo Staggered5/caseYes
2557H2424Long Open CoudeTwo Staggered5/caseYes

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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2550H, 2556H, and 2551H
  • Reinforced shaft that offers significant resistance to collapse.
  • Coils add resistance to any collapse from the pressure of inflation.  
  • Reinforced tip to accommodate a stylet.

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