Iodine 125

The BRACHYSOURCE® iodine-125 implant is a combination of innovative design, consistently reliable dosimetry, and remarkable visibility that makes BRACHYSOURCE® I-125 implant an ideal choice for your brachytherapy patients. You can be confident that every BRACHYSOURCE® I-125 implant order is backed by our seed management services which is required by clinicians who must meet the time-critical demands of brachytherapy.

Features and Specifications

Category/DescriptionItem NumberDescriptionPkgNatural Latex?
Seed ImplantsPS-1251LBRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed, LooseOrder specificNo
Seed ImplantsPS-1251KBRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed, CalibratedOrder specificNo
Seed Implants1251PABRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed, Preloaded NeedlesOrder specificNo
Mick ImplantsPS-1251CBRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed, Mick® 15 Cartridge (non-sterile)Order specificNo
Mick ImplantsPS-1251CSBRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed, Mick® 15 Cartridge (sterile)Order specificNo
Mick Implants1251C20BRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed, Mick® 20 Cartridge (non-sterile)Order specificNo
Mick Implants1251C20SBRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed, Mick® 20 Cartridge (sterile)Order specificNo
ISOSLEEVE® Source Delivery SystemIS1251BRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed Preloaded in ISOSLEEVE® NeedleOrder specificNo
SOURCELINK® Delivery System1251LinkLConnected in NeedlesOrder specificNo
SOURCELINK® Delivery System1251LINKLoose SeedsOrder specificNo

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Prescriptive Information

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Innovative Design
  • 3.8mm gold radiopaque marker.
  • For greater radiation safety, BRACHYSOURCE® I-125 implants feature a titanium hull approximately 50% thicker than leading brand of iodine -125 seed.
  • 100% assay helps assure a consistent accurate activity level . 
Bard Service and Support
  • Rapid, reliable order turnaround-Every BRACHYSOURCE® I-125 implant order is handled efficiently and with careful attention to detail and timing.
  • Uniquely comprehensive Fax Order Confirmation- Ensures that your order has been entered accurately and that delivery will be made when you need it.

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