• Patented multilayer technology produces a balloon with Rated Burst Pressure of 30 ATM.
  • Non-compliant balloon maintains its diameter and shape even under high pressure
  • Coaxial shaft design produces greater column strength than traditional dual-lumen design, minimizing kinking and bending during insertion.
  • Lowest available pre-inflation balloon profile eases insertion and minimizes risk of trauma.
  • Short tapered tip and balloon “shoulders” allow placement close to calculi
  • Straight, symmetrical balloon eases insertion of sheath.


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Prescriptive Information

Indications for Use -  The X-FORCE® N30 nephrostomy balloon dilation catheter is recommended for the use in the dilation of the nephrostomy tract and for the placement of the working sheath.


  • Do not use the X-FORCE® N30 Nephrostomy Balloon Dilation Catheter in the presence of conditions which create unacceptable risk during the dilation of the nephrostomy tract


  • Do not advance or with draw the catheter or guidewire against any significant resistance.  The cause of the resistance must be determined fluoroscopically and remedial actions taken.
  • Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.  


  • If resistance is felt, when removing either the catheter or guidewire from the working sheath, stop and consider removing them as a single unit to prevent damage to the product. Applying successive force to the catheter can result in tip breakage or balloon separation.
  • Do not use air or gaseous substances as balloon inflation media, always use sterile liquid media.  


  • Only a physician who has an understanding of the clinical applications, technical principles and associated risks associated with balloon dilation of the nephrostomy tract should use the device.
  • After use, the product may be a potential biohazard.  Handle and dispose of in accordance with acceptable medical practices and with applicable laws and regulations.

Potential Complications

  • The complications that may arise from a dilation procedure include tissue trauma and perforation.  

For the latest information, always check the "Instructions for Use" that comes packaged with the product.



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