Advanced Labeling

  • Labeling reminds the clinician of the appropriate indication and use of stool management systems as well as the steps for proper insertion/removal technique and maintenance. View

  • Orange Chart Label:  Allows documentation of critical information such as confirmation of selection criteria and that no contraindications are present, as well as insertion date and time.   View

  • Extended Care Providers Illustrative Flyer:  Provides information about patient selection criteria, daily care and maintenance as well as directions for use. View

  • Patient and Family Education Flyer: Provides information about stool management systems, device care and when to contact a healthcare professional. View

Training and Education

For additional training and education on a number of topics, visit our Training Center

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DIGNISHIELD SMS with Med Delivery

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Now With Med Delivery

The BARD® DIGNISHIELD® Stool Management System (SMS) design draws from clinical insight to mitigate damage to delicate tissue due to leakage, pressure and friction.  The DIGNISHIELD® SMS helps protect patients from exposure, tissue damage and odor.  The system also includes educational  components and tools to help meet quality system guidelines.  

These include:

  • Patient selection criteria and contraindications label
  • Orange sticker with patient selection criteria, contraindications and insertion sticker
  • Patient and Family Education Flyer
  • Extended Care information Flyer

The DIGNISHIELD® SMS consists of a catheter tube assembly, a 60cc syringe, a collection bag, a syringe of lubricating jelly,a biological odor eliminator and a tube clamp. The device has no components made of natural rubber latex.


Features and Specifications

Description Part Number Size Quantity Natural Latex?
Stool Management System, DIGNISHIELD® with Med Delivery SMS002 - 2/box No
Stool Management System, DIGNISHIELD®, Collection Bags SMS2BIL - 10/box No

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