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  • Variable knit technology allows for a graft formed with meshes of differing densities. A soft large pore construction in the single knit vaginal flaps allows for compliant organ support and host tissue ingrowth while the dual knit sacral flap ensures secure attachment and strength in fixation.
  • Differential stretch characteristics allow for limited elongation in the lengthwise direction while maintaining elongation across the width of the graft. 
  • Two single knit vaginal flaps are joined together at the curved apex before transitioning into the dual knit sacral flap, minimizing material bulk at this transition zone.
  • The blue midline and lateral markings are designed to aid the physician in anatomical orientation and mesh alignment, while the lateral markings may act as guides for graft tailoring.



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ALYTE Y-Mesh Graft

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The New Solution for Sacrocolposuspension/Sacrocolpopexy Procedures

The ALYTE® Y-Mesh Graft is indicated for use as a bridging material for sacrocolposuspension / sacrocolpopexy (laparotomy or laparoscopic approach) where surgical treatment for vaginal vault prolapse is warranted.

  • The ALYTE® Y-Mesh Graft is a preformed Y-shaped large-pore polypropylene graft that provides a natural repair, with a lightweight mesh knitted with differential stretch characteristics that will help ensure both repair strength and compliance.
  • ALYTE® Y-Mesh Graft consists of two single knit vaginal flaps and one dual knit sacral flap. The graft is provided in a Y-shape, however the mesh can be further tailored to the patient without unraveling. 

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Features and Specifications

Description Part Number Size Quantity Natural Latex?
Pelvic Health, ALYTE ® Y-Mesh Graft Y100 - 1 each No
Pelvic Health, ALYTE ® Y-Mesh Graft Y500 - 5/case No

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