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Saves Time

  • Provided Sterile: Pre-loaded ISOSLEEVE® needles are sterile and ready to use.
  • Pre-Loaded Needles: Each needle arrives custom loaded thereby decreasing pre-treatment preparation.
  • Ready To Use: Upon receipt, the product configuration allows for immediate use.
Improves Safety
  • Reduce Handling: Spares unnecessary radiation exposure to clinical personnel.
  • Prevents Movement: Unique product design prevents movement of seeds and spacers until desired.
  • Tactile Feedback: Patented design feature allows for release verification of seeds and spacers.
Visual Verification
  • Confirm Loading Pattern: The ISOSLEEVE® delivery system design allows for easy viewing of seed and spacer pattern
  • Needle Labeling: Each ISOSLEEVE® hub is labeled per the treatment plan.
  • Verification Photograph: With each shipment, a photographic record is provided of all loaded sleeves with labels documenting seed and spacer loading pattern
Custom Loaded
  • Patient Specific: Each custom-loaded needle corresponds directly to the patient’s treatment plan.
  • Needle Loading Pattern: Each needle can hold up to 7 seeds and 7 spacers.
  • Pre-Loaded Needle: ISOSLEEVE® needle and obturator are shipped assembled and ready to use.

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        ISOSLEEVE® Source Delivery System

        The ISOSLEEVE® Source Delivery System incorporates a translucent inner sleeve into a proprietary design that provides the confidence that each needle load matches the proper load configuration prior to implant. Unlike other preloaded needle options, the ISOSLEEVE® system allows for visual verification of the loading configuration giving you confidence that the needle load is correct.

        The ISOSLEEVE® Source Delivery System is custom loaded for each patient and is delivered in a convenient package that allows an easy transfer to the sterile field for immediate use. With each order, BARD® Brachytherapy provides a photographic record of each needle load, providing the confidence of knowing the location of each source.


        Features and Specifications

        Description Part Number Size Quantity Natural Latex?
        Brachytherapy, ISOSLEEVE® Source Delivery System, BRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed, Preloaded in ISOSLEEVE® Needle IS1251 - Order specific No
        Brachytherapy, ISOSLEEVE® Source Delivery System, THERASEED® Pd-103 Seed Implants, Preloaded ISOSLEEVE® Needle IS200 - Order Specific No

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