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Feeding Tubes with the ENFIT™ Connector

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The feeding tubes are made of a smooth plastic with a two-eyed tube used for nasogastric feeding of neonates, infants and adults as well as diagnostic and therapeutic aspiration. Single-use, sterile.

The feeding tube is now avaiable with the ENFITTM connector.  It provides a simple way to reduce the risk of enteral device misconnections. The new ENFITTM Connector:

  • Addresses “patient side” connections between feeding tubes, administration sets,medication, flush and bolus feeding syringes, and other enteral devices
  • Does not allow connectivity with any other connector for any other clinical use

Features and Specifications

Description Part Number Size Quantity Natural Latex?
Tubes, Feeding, Premature Infant with the ENFit™ Connector EN0036400 Length 15" with 1cm Depth Markings, 5FR 200/case No
Tubes, Feeding, Premature Infant with the ENFit™ Connector EN0036430 Length 36", 5FR 200/case No
Tubes, Feeding, Infant with the ENFit™ Connector EN0036410 Length 15" with 1cm Depth Markings, 8 FR 200/case No
Tubes, Feeding, Adult/Pediatric with the ENFit™ Connector EN0036420 Length 42", 8FR 200/case No
Irrigation Systems, BARDIA®, Enteral Piston Syringe in Polyethylene Bag, Non-Sterile, with the ENFit™ Connector EN750379 60cc 30/case No

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