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  • Available with the PREVENT® Anti-Reflux Filter
  • 2-way anti-reflux filter allows stomach decompression
  • The PREVENT® Anti-Reflux Filter allows clinicians to see contained gastric secretions in the vent lumen and alerts the clinician to take appropriate action
  • With the PREVENT® Anti-Reflux Filter, gases can escape and ambient air can enter for proper sumping
  • The LOPEZ® Valve enables easy sampling while maintaining closed-system integrity

Education and Procedural Support

NG Tubes: Close the System

Procedural Support
NG Tubes- Poster

Training and Education

For additional training and education on a number of topics, visit our Training Center

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Nasogastric Tubes (NG)

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Dual-lumen nasogastric tube (NG tube) designed to suction fluid and air from the stomach without damaging the gastric mucosa.

For a complete system, add the nasogastric enteral valve (LOPEZ® Valve). This device is used for irrigating, medicating or feeding patients through a nasogastric tube.


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