EndoBeam PK0310206


  • Designed to deliver focused Holmium energy for endoscopic procedures
  • Compatible with SMA-905 Holmium laser generators
  • Available in a full range of sizes to meet procedural needs

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ENDOBEAM™ Reusable

Durability and Versatility - Combined
A Complete Line of Fibers to Meet Every Procedural Need

Whether fragmenting calculi or treating soft tissues, the BARD ENDOBEAM® Holmium Laser Fibers are designed to deliver focused holmium energy in a complete range of fiber sizes to meet your endoscopic surgical needs. Offered in a reusable configuration, the ENDOBEAM® Laser Fibers are compatible with standard SMA-905 Holmium laser generators.


Features and Specifications

Category/Description Item Number Size Single Use or Reusable Pkg Natural Latex?
ENDOBEAM® Reusable Holmium Laser Fibers RU0272 272µ Reusable Single No
ENDOBEAM® Reusable Holmium Laser Fibers RU0365 365µ Reusable Single No
ENDOBEAM® Reusable Holmium Laser Fibers RU0550 550µ Reusable Single No
ENDOBEAM® Reusable Holmium Laser Fibers RU1000 1000µ Reusable Single No

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