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  • Continuous temperature display eliminates the need for other invasive temperature probes.
  • Automated measurement provides for faster assessment of the patients condition.
  • Reduces supply cost and improves clinician productivity.
  • Reduces patient's risk of infection through fewer invasive probes and by use of a closed system. 

Training and Education

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The BARD® CRITICORE® Monitor is a critical fluid output and core temperature monitor for use on critical care patients in the ER, OR, and in the ICU. The BARD® CRITICORE® Monitoring System replaces traditional tasks with state-of-the-art instrumentation that provides convenient, cost-effective improvements in critical patient monitoring and patient safety.

With the use of the BARD® CRITICORE® Monitors, the expense of other invasive temperature probes is eliminated. In addition, the cost of gloves and other disposable supplies associated with conventional measurement of urine output and core temperature is minimized. Furthermore, charting time is significantly reduced affording the nurse a greater opportunity to provide direct patient care. 

The BARD® CRITICORE® System consists of electronic monitoring devices and their related disposables for the accurate measurement of core body temperature and urine output. This system simplifies traditional procedures and minimizes invasive measurement techniques. Accuracy and ease of obtaining data are also enhanced with these unique devices.

Use of the BARD® CRITICORE® Monitoring System enhances patient care via more accurate recording of critical physiologic parameters. The risk of infection is reduced through the use of BARDEX® I.C. Foley catheters or LUBRICATH® Foley catheter preconnected with the BARD Tamper-Evident Seal to a collection container in a closed system. Significantly, patient dignity is preserved through the elimination of other types of invasive temperature probes.

Clinicians find that reduced contact with patient fluids though use of the BARD® CRITICORE® System is highly beneficial. In addition, the precise recording of critical patient parameters afforded by the BARD® CRITICORE® Monitoring System is significant both as a means for documenting care and aiding in the early detection of changing patient conditions. Furthermore, the BARD® CRITICORE® monitor via the CRITICORE® Communications Module may be connected to a hospital's Clinical Information System for paperless vital signs management. 


Features and Specifications

Description Part Number Size Quantity Natural Latex?
Foley Automation, CRITICORE® Monitor (For use with CRITICORE® Disposables) 000002N - 1 each No
Foley Automation, CRITICORE® Monitor with Communications Module (For use with CRITICORE® Disposables) 000002NCM - 1 each No
Foley Automation, CRITICORE® Communications Module Upgrade Kit (Kit includes Communications Module Circuit Board, AC Adapter, Data Cable, Labels, Operators Manual) 000926 - 1 each No

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