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Overview of System

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  • Precise Temperature Control  and automated measurement provides for fast assessment of the patient's condition
  • Simplify rewarming by providing an option to initiate rewarming automatically following a cooling procedure
  • Review therapy and sedation management via a patient trend indicator and instant status graph

Easy Implementation 

  • Turn-Key Implementation Program via ARCTIC CIRCLE® Clinical Resource Program and intelligent automation and built-in education tutorial
  • Store and operate pre-programmed hospital protocols for hypothermia and normothermia
  • Customize the treatment  to easily adjust treatment parameters to fulfill physician's order

Quality Control & Safety

  • Minimizes User Error via clinician alerts/alarms with on-screen troubleshooting
  • Optimizes Patient Safety  through a continuous temperature display  which reduces the need for other invasive temperature probes
  • Access case data via USB port, System can store 10 cases

ARCTIC CIRCLE® Clinical Education

We provide clinical training in targeted temperature management. To date, many nurses have completed the ARCTIC CIRCLE® Clinical Education and are now part of a collaborative community that is championing the benefits targeted temperature management in their institutions.  To learn more, click here

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The ARCTIC SUN® 5000 Temperature Management System is designed to monitor and control a patient's temperature within a range of 32°C to 38.5°C (89.6°F to 101.3°F).   It consists of an electronic module and disposable ARCTICGEL™ Pads. The system includes a stand-alone electronic module with an interactive touch screen.  This is connected to the conductive pads that are placed on the patient and provide thermal-energy transfer to deliver targeted temperature management therapy to the patient.


Features and Specifications

Description Part Number Size Quantity Natural Latex?
Temperature Management Systems, ARCTIC SUN® 5000, 115V 50000000 - 1 each No

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