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READYLINK® Delivery System

The READYLINK® Delivery System is a next generation connected product that combines the benefits of SOURCELINK® Connectors with the flexibility of on-site loading. The READYLINK® Delivery System offers customers 3 different loading options, standard, variable, and prescription to meet their various technique and logistical needs.


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Features and Specifications

Description Part Number Size Quantity Natural Latex?
Brachytherapy, READYLINK® Delivery System with the BRACHYSOURCE® I-125 Seed STM1251RL - 1 each No
Brachytherapy, READYLINK® Delivery System with the THERASEED® Pd-103 Seed TS200RL - 1 each No

Bard Medical is excited to announce
the acquisition of Rochester Medical

Bard Medical and Rochester Medical are coming together,
combining quality, innovative products and services
to better serve Clinician and Patient needs.

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