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  • 100cc silicone bulb evacuator offers lightweight, low level suction capacity that is easy for patient to carry.
  • 100cc RELIAVAC® PVC evacuators offer a more constant suction profile than silicone evacuators. Bottom emptying port reduces chance of contamination. Lightweight and easy for patient to carry.
  • 400cc three-spring evacuators provide reliable suction for surgical cases with larger amounts of drainage.
  • 400cc RELIAVAC® evacuator offers a more constant suction profile than three-spring evacuators, resulting in the potential for improved tissue approximation and reduced risk of hematoma.

Training and Education

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BARD offers a wide array of evacuators for wound drainage needs.


Bard Medical is excited to announce
the acquisition of Rochester Medical

Bard Medical and Rochester Medical are coming together,
combining quality, innovative products and services
to better serve Clinician and Patient needs.

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